Whitney navy revolver for sale

New layer Email Address: Password: Remember Me. Create an account Forgot Password? Traditions U. Marshall Colt Navy Engraved Revolver. Perhaps the most popular and widely used revolver of its day, the Colt saw action on both sides of the civil war, and was carried by lawmen, outlaws and gunfighters alike long after it was technically obsolete.

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Traditions Wildcard Colt with "Stag" Grips. Pietta, 7. See More. Marshall Colt Navy Revolver. Steel Frame, Round 8" Barrel, with U.

whitney navy revolver for sale

Traditions Single Action Revolver. Our Sale Price: Call before placing order. Our Frontier series showcases all our top quality features and finishes. These revolvers are truly shooting works of art! Our transfer bar safety system provides the highest level of safety offered in an single action firearm. Traditions Colt Sheriff Revolver, 5. Engraved locking wooden revolver and pistol storage, display and carrying case.

Perfect for your modern or blackpowder firearm and accessories. Two levels with up to eight modular, customizable compartments on bottom level. Traditions Navy Sheriff Revolver. This revolver features an 4. Our Dance Brothers revolver may be the most accurate to the original out there.

The "Old Silver" finish captures the in-the-white finish found on most surviving examples of the original revolvers. See " More Info" for detail. See " More Info" for details.One of the first efficient solid-framed revolvers of the period was the Whitney Navy percussion revolver.

After Samuel Colt's revolving cylinder firearms patent expired ina slew of competitors swooped in to claim their share of the emerging military and civilian pistol market.

The timing could not have been better for firearms manufactures as the United States was set to enter into a years-long civil war that would take the lives ofThe Whitney Model Navy was a product of the period, standing as a percussion revolver of largely conventional design.

The Whitney name was related to the famous inventor of the cotton gin, Eli Whitney. Aside from his invention, Whitney also established an arms production business around and the company went on to manufacture several revolvers and rifles of outside origin.

The company had receive considerable experience when manufacturing Colt's. From this exposure was born an in-house revolver design as the Whitney Model Navy. The "Navy" title was used to generically designate a. As such, the Navy name did not mean sole sale to any one naval power of the day. Manufacture of Whitney guns was under the Whitneyville Armory brand label of New Haven, Connecticut and this new gun was developed to compete with the popular Colt Navy revolvers.

The guns proved one of the first early notable attempts at a solid-frame revolver - a structural design quality popularly associated with Remingtons of the day.

The Model was a no-frills revolver design featuring a six-shot revolving cylinder held in a centralized position. Unlike competing Colts - and more like competing Remingtons - the Whitney design utilized a "bridged" frame - a structure running over the cylinder to join the frontal and rear sections of the gun - to promote a more rigid, and thusly robust, end-product.

The hammer was exposed and its spur within easy reach of the primary hand. Walnut grips were set along either side of the handle for some basic comfort when firing. The trigger was held within an oblong ring favoring one-handed firing. A loading lever was set under the barrel and used to ram the chamber contents rearward during loading. Loading required the primer and shot to be set within each individual chamber and then rammed home. Percussion caps were set upon awaiting nipples on the rear cylinder edges.

As a single-action revolver, the operator was required to manually cock the hammer for each shot, the trigger pull releasing the hammer upon the awaiting percussion cap.

The cap provided the ignition to the primer and the resultant pressure sent the projectile bullet down and out of the barrel. The barrel measured 7. Iron sights were provided rear notch, front post as external accuracy assistants though the revolver was a true short-ranged weapon. Overall length was 13 inches with a weight of 2lbs, 7oz.

Some 33, Whitney revolvers were produced from late into the early s. The primary customer became the United States military whose Army and Navy took stocks of the type into inventory as such they promptly saw service during the American Civil War. The State of New Jersey became another notable purchaser.Ground Shipping on all U. At Collectors Firearms, we have an assortment of highly collectable percussion cap revolvers for sale.

Some of our percussion cap revolvers, or percussion revolvers, are from 19th century manufacturers like Adams, Freeman, and Massachusetts Arms. Make sure to visit our new arrivals page frequently, as our inventory changes often.

Whitney Navy model Percussion Revolver converted to a cartridge. (AH5029)

Browse our selection of percussion revolvers for sale below. For other antique firearms, check out our other antique handgunsantique long gunsColtsand Winchesters.

If you have a question or would like more information, please call or email info collectorsfirearms. Absolutely Beautiful Freeman Army Revolver. About as good as they get. There is some fading to the finish on the Belgian Transitional Percussion Revolver. Belgian made and proofed. Cylinder has partition nipples and features a loading rammer with right side mounted lever and geared rod.

The cylinder arbor has a Colt type wedge to Probably New Hampshire. Barrel is half octagon transitional to half round. This is an excellent revolver. There is no makers name. It has Birmingham proofs. The notable differences being the larger Cylinder is very good plus with all of the Military and Naval scenes easily visible.

Cylinder has the patent date and has Webley Bentley Revolver AH Webley Bentley Revolver. Nice sharp gun with a lot of the original blue on the barrel and frame. The frame is nicely engraved Made in Scarce gun with only around made. Manufactured in Greensboro, GA. Light pitting throughout the metal. Grips are very good, which Made in s. The forcing cone on the barrel on the right hand side has been blown out.

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Metal has a dark gray patina with some Metal has a smooth brown patina. Cylinder still has a visible scene.John Weidle 5th Pa. Vet Reserve Vols. Weidle retained his Henry Rifle upon discharge by Government Sanction.

And the inventory number on the bass butt plate. This is a very rare Confederate musket not many collections have this one in there collection. And the seller said this Confederate musket was found in Gettysburg. Also the initials H L are carved into the wood stock. As part of the Royal Guard, he took part in the fighting that led to the downfall of the Bourbon monarchy.

After the war he went to live in South America, involving himself in several revolutions. When he heard of the outbreak of the American Civil War, he immigrated to the United States in and joined the Confederate side of the War.

An introduction to General Robert E. Lee led to a meeting with Colonel John Hunt Morgan who made him his adjutant-General, Grenfell was said to be as hard as steel and tough as leather and an excellent horseman during his time under Colonel Morgan.

After working with Morgan in many battles with the Union Army throughout Kentucky, he chose to leave in Stuart until General Robert E. Segar Grenfell to make his service as agreeable to him. So he became an adviser to the Confederate Army. George St. Leger Grenfell Aide de Camp on the back strap. It also comes with a lot of great documents that tells when it was found in New York State and theirs two letters from Antique Weapons experts and Appraisers telling all about this revolver, It also comes with his Confederate Leather Holster its in Great shape.

William Wallace 1st South Carolina Cavalry now how rare is that. He died Feb. Battles this regiment fought in, Chambersburg Pa. This unit had defectives at Gettysburg but only 46 were present in February, It was included in the surrender of the Army of Tennessee.

whitney navy revolver for sale

William Ross Wallace was in a lot of the battles and was with them until the end of the War. Danforth and on the other side of the wood grip it reads Capt. D 40th Mass. This is a very rare Identified Colt Pocket model Revolver dated it comes with the original Colt e wood case set with everything that came with it.

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This Identified set came from the family years ago and has been in a civil war collection for many years.This Whitney Navy Model. The Whitney Navy. I believe there is a good chance this Whitney was a Navy purchase.

Williams, in his many years of research, he found 16 Whitney Navy revolvers converted to percussion, all in the 19, to 27, serial range, and many of them were found bearing the markings of the US Navy. This one does not, but I will tell you why I think it likely it was a military revolver, sold as surplus and then converted.

Shooting the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver .36 Caliber

It has a nice smooth metal, and the barrel address is still clear. The old nickel plate is mostly still there, with some areas of brown metal showing through. I have seen collectors carefully remove that rust so that the metal is light like the nickel, but I have not touched the original finish on this.

Percussion Revolvers

In his chapter on Whitney Navy Conversion, Ware pictures and describes several identical conversion, also nickel plated and bearing the same sort of matching conversion number this gun has. That year [] at least 2, Whitney revolvers were sold to Mr. Frazier of New York at a price of one dollar, fifty seven cents each…. James D. Kenney…purchased [all the Whitney revolvers stored at Pensacola Navy Yard] for two dollars twenty cents each. Inthe last lot of revolvers were sold to Ellis F.

Armstrong of Vallejo, California.

whitney navy revolver for sale

No doubt many of these surplus revolvers were converted to metallic cartridge, plated with nickel, and sold on the civilian market. The several pictured by Daniel E. According to The Whitney Navy Revolverthe Navy did not have a formal inspection system during the first part of the War, and the revolvers delivered before August 29, bore no inspection markings when accepted by the Navy.

During later Navy inventories, some, but not all, were marked with the small anchor on the barrel. This gun, serial was made well before the Navy started to mark guns a February 12, shipment to the Navy contained serials in the 22, and 23, ranges; another of December 8, contained serial in the 25, and 26, ranges. My gun would not have been marked as inspected when delivered. The group of identical professional factory conversion all with the same nickel finish with conversion number as high as my number 84 must have been made from a large batch of Whitney revolvers bought as surplus together and converted together.

Where else could they have come from in the s other than as a batch sold as surplus by the Navy, some marked with Navy reinspection marks, some without? The mechanics are crisp, and the gun locks up nicely.This is a very nice Model Colt Navy revolver. It is a.

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James Merrill of Baltimore had been involved in the small arms business since the s. Weapon is a Colt manufactured reproduction of the 3rd Model Colt Dragoon in new condition. The 7.

This is an excellent Mills cavalry pistol cartridge belt set from the Spanish American War era, ready to display with your Model Colt Revolver. The only problem with this rifle-musket is that it will make you want to upgrade every other long arm in your collection. This classic original British longarm is an dated Enfield Pattern rifle manufactured by Tower, a private Birmingham, England arms facility.

One of the most popular Winchesters among shooters and collectors, the Model appears in a wide variety of variations and was manufactured from to This one is The metal surfaces all wear a salt and pepper appearance. This pocket Colt has a serial number of that matches throughout including the wedge pin. It is silver plated throughout.

The octagonal barrel is 4. Model. The bore is clean with minor spots of pitting. This is a very pretty example of the regulation, military issue Second Model Maynard cavalry carbine in excellent condition. This Model Springfield. The last of the. Ebenezer Starr was the son of famed arms maker Nathan Starr, Jr. This Colt Special Model musket was made under government contract from to by the Colt Manufacturing Co.

Longarm is a. Nice original paste board container of Civil War pistol caps. This Joslyn carbine Model used a pivoting breechblock system invented and patented by Massachusetts gun designer Benjamin Franklin Joslyn in An original Civil War manufactured.

This cleaning jag is a serrated tool that was screwed onto the ramrod and used with a patch to clean the rifle. Paper cartridge containing a simple. The cartridge is pasted closed over the ball and folded close at the bottom. Cartridge has distinctive blue tab at bottom. Here is a very good, clean brass mold for pocket model revolvers.

Two cavity type; one round ball, one conical ball. Below is a list of M1 Carbines and Rifles, with item s and prices, in order as shown in the photos on our Facebook page. This Enfield rifle was possibly Confederate-used and is certainly a Gettysburg pick-up.Services include sides, NFL totals plays, plus football pool selections in every game each week of the regular season.

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